10 Tips from Co-Founders of Fictionless for Writers/Filmmakers/Entrepreneurs

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The Fictionless event was one I was long awaiting. It was brought to us by the awesome Non-Profit Centerforcommunication.org (They really are, seriously) and the SVA Theatre. We had the chance to speak with the co-founders of the production company Fictionless and hear from them how to land more jobs, how to become completely unique, some motivation and a lot more!

I had actually met Shruti Ganguly about a year ago when she hadn’t found it yet. So to see where she has arrived is pretty cool.

It was interesting to hear how her connections played an important part in her early career and now with her new company.

The following tips are for writers, filmmakers, entrepreneurs and people lookign to start a production company.

The Fictionless team:

Creative Director/Co-Founder Ross Kauffman who is an 2005 Academy Award winner for his Documentary Born into Brothels.

Executive Producer/Co-Founder Raeshem Nijhon, a two-time CLIO Award Winner.

Producer/Director/Co-founder Shruti Ganguly her work has premiered at Sundance, Venice, SXSW, and is an NYU MFA/MBA Film & Television Graduate.

Director of Branded Content Roye Segal who is a Shorty/Webby/Telly Award Winner

Creative Producer Nicole Galovski Currently producing a Documentary with the United Nations

Producer/Director Maria Caltado who is a CLIO Award Winner

We had the chance to speak with Raeshem and Shruti in creating this company and igniting that entrepreneurial spirit. They also touched upon many topics that came at them from questions from the audience.


Tip #1: I remember her Ms.Nijhon saying this is a relationship business. That being friendly and genuine with people will help you cultivate more relationships that lead to jobs. Audience members asked how they got jobs and they mentioned how previous relations/connections really play a key role in getting jobs.


Tip #2: Shruti gave a very helpful tip when making any video whether it’s for yourself or another company. At the time, they were working for ESPN on some particular project. But Shruti said that before working on projects, she asks herself WHY MAKE THIS VIDEO.

Tip #3: They talked a lot about how you need to get your product out there and get people to come back and interact with the other videos or projects you’re doing.

That’s why I firmly believe that as writers or filmmakers or any art, that you must also learn about brand building, making fans, and marketing. The film is a business and learning a little of the other stuff that happens after your work is complete is imperative.


Tip #4: They followed that up by saying you must practice your skills, and the career will come. You can’t be hired with inadequate skills because then the product comes out poorly too. You want to make something that’ll make people say wow or this person does good work let’s hire them.
That would seem like common sense, right? Yes but many people get impatience and impatience forces you to make mistakes. Impatience equals poverty. Here’s a quote from Warren Buffet saying the same.


Tip #5: Raeshem clarified that when starting a new company it is paramount to gave great communication skills, That effective communication is important for your team and for the client. You need to make sure everyone involved is clear on their job and task at hand.

Tip #6: Another topic they touched upon was this idea of using all parts of your brain. To be creative but also formulaic. To be very serious in your work but to also have fun.

FullSizeRender (1)

Tip #7: When it comes to motivation, it doesn’t get any more motivating than hearing “Be persistent, don’t say you have a disability, if this is what you want to do, then do it. Be persistent for what you want”.

Raeshem Left, Shruti Right
Raeshem Left, Shruti Right


Tip #8: When you visit the Fictionless website you’ll see right away pictures of their co-founders receiving awards, taking pictures with powerful people and their mission. Shruti mentioned during the seminar that “you need to provide people what it is you do, upfront. If you have awards, tell them.”  The fictionless team members have many awards and that adds to their expertise and value to their company.

Tip #9: Someone asked Raeshem and Shruti about protecting ideas and they basically said that you should get people to sign a NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT or NDA. What that paper says is that the person (s) signing can’t share the information with third parties without proper agreements.

Tip #10: Lastly the last tip which is most likely 2 combined and probably the most valuable tip from all of these. Although they are all good. The last tip is to make sure that your idea NEEDS YOU. What will they do that requires your expertise, talent, skills. And you don’t need to start your company now. Don’t be in a rush.

My thoughts on that last one about starting your company too soon is true. It’s better to get some awards under your belt and great content to show. That way people will feel more at ease about hiring.


woody allen

That reminds me of Woody Allen in his early career. His managers knew he could make funny movies and they told the United Artists Organization, just give us money and we’ll bring back a movie. Woody’s comedy was unique at the time (still is) and he was the only one that could it, they couldn’t do it without him, so they had to pay him to get to work and produce a film.

The reason I say this article can be helpful to writers, filmmakers and entrepreneurs, is because we are all almost in the same boat. We all create things from our imaginations whether it’s for entertainment or to solve a problem. We all need to be so unique that only we can do the job that is needed. We all need motivation to take those steps to achieving our goal, we all need to communicate effectively with the crew, with your team, or while pitching a script.

I hope you found this article informative , visit the Fictionless website here- http://www.fictionless.com/

Romel Signing Out!

Now I can chill out and wait for the Tonight Show.

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