5 Tips for your Craft from Star of GOTHAM Ben Mckenzie and Exec Producer/Writer Ken Woodruff!

The last panel for the Center for Communication consisted of the lead actor for the show GOTHAM and one of the Executive Producers Ken Woodruff. the moderator was the one and only Shruti Ganguly from Fictionless the production company.

We screened one of the episodes which led into the Q & A where a ton of valuable information was shared. Ben being an established actor in a hit TV show and Ken a writer for that show, Gotham.

Here is the advice given from these two successful men:

  1. “If the conflict inst in the script, it wont be on the screen.” Many think that’s an obvious piece of advice but the fundamentals are key and usually absent in our amateur work. Humility is key when listening to anybody and I believe that if you don’t show the conflict in the script, with appropriate shots and actions; it won’t magically appear on the screen.
  2. “Be nice to people, it’s a small world.” Some people think it’s fake, I don’t think so. I’m not an angry person at all, so it doesn’t bother me to be nice to people. At the end of the day humans are social creatures whether your an introvert or extrovert. We live in a world where people deal with a lot of bull shit and if you can’t ¬†share a smile than they don’t want you anywhere near them.
  3. “Put yourself out there a lot.” You’re probably thinking “I’ve heard this a hundred times”, well here’s the 101st time. It doesn’t matter what you know but the action you put in with that knowledge. When I met creator of Mr.Robot, Sam esmail; he explained how he put his content on blcklst.com a place where writers can get seen. People need to know you exist and the only to do that as a creative is by putting your content out there.
  4. “You will be awful for a long time”. Have you heard about the 10,000 rule? well know that until yo practice any craft thoroughly, you won’t be any good until you put in the right amount of practice.
  5. “Be someone people want to hang out with.” Who you are is who you are but if you can’t modify yourself when near individuals that can propel your career forward, you’ll have a hard time moving forward because people want their work life to be smooth and enjoyable, don’t make it the opposite.

One of the last pieces of advice was to be someone who can take on any job. Starting out in any industry the way we move forward is by solving problems for the people higher up than us. Work hard and work great!

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