5 Tips I Learned from Visiting Curiosity Stream

On August 5th the DealMaker Zone took a Trip to Silver Springs Maryland! We were headed to the Headquarters of the New SVOD platform CURIOSITY STREAM. A company founded by the legendary John Hendricks.
Who is John Hendricks? He was the Founder of the Legendary Discovery channel. That’s right, and now he founded The CuriosityStream and appointed his daughter Elizabeth Hendricks North as the CEO/ President. She is probably one of the Kindest women I have ever met. She’s leading her team well.

Their advisory board is filled with some well known people like Glenn Close, Michio Kaku, Vint Cerf. https://curiositystream.com/board

I learned a new phrase and it was shared by Elizabeth; DOCUBINGING, we all binge on Netflix but now if you’re a documentary fanatic, Curiosity Stream is the number 1 place you can binge documentaries for days!
CuriosityStream is a fantastic platform that focuses on Documentaries about Science, Nature, and Technology.

Here is the CuriosityStream About section:
“The mission of CuriosityStream is to provide an affordable, ad-free, online destination where the world’s best factual television content can be enjoyed on demand and any device by the planet’s community of the curious. CuriosityStream serves the lifelong curious by producing original expert-interview content at Curiosity Studios and by aggregating the world’s highest value video content about science, technology, civilization and the human spirit from the planet’s leading television producers. CuriosityStream has a focused mission to exhibit content that enriches, enlightens, enchants, and thereby enables curious humans to better understand our world. ( https://curiositystream.com/about )
We were invited by the Office of John Hendricks; this is where we interviewed Elizabeth, and we learned a lot about eh company. It was so freaking exciting to hear about their growth in such a small amount of time. Especially the opportunities they hold for Documentary Filmmakers.
We got a personal tour of the Office space, and we ran into two editors working on beautiful footage of a deep sea dive.
We had a chance to step into their private studio which was well equipped with cool equipment.
I took my drone to the interview in hopes of getting drone footage for our episode, but we were un-able to. We were close to Washington D.C. so the Federal government must have some serious restrictions about drones out there.
The error message was “Strong Magnetic Fields”. We had Taken Mrs. Hendricks North up to the roof so she can learn how to fly but unfortunately we weren’t even able to take off. But it was still a great day.

Roof top with Elizabeth
DealMaker Zone team wants to thank the entire CuriosityStream team for their arm welcome and hospitality. It was an exciting interview, and we had a great time!

Here are some tips I learned:

  1. Curiosity is very niche based, find a specific genre or top 3 genres you would like to be considered the main entertainer in and start creating content around that.
  2. It’s important to have a great team of advisers, reaching out to individuals who are well known can help boost your credibility.
  3. Be open to filmmakers who would like to share their content on your site.
  4. Curiosity stream has 80% original content and 20% licensed content. Original content is more easily produced when in team work with other companies and filmmakers.
  5. According to Elizabeth and John Hendricks Streaming is the new way to watch shows and movies. Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon are the top dogs but there is space for everyone with specific likes.

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To become a member of the CuriosityStream Visit their website! https://curiositystream.com


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