About Romel



  1. Inspire you with words of wisdom from my mentors, philosophers, and people who’ve actually done something meaningful.
  2. Motivate any and every single person that visits this site.
  3. (Attention Potential Employers) So that the lovely employers can see some of my writing, monologue jokes, and interests!

In November 2014 I bought my first DSLR, the Canon T3i, 3 weeks later I won my first Contest, Project Ed’s Mover and Shakers Grand Prize.

June 2016 My Short film “A Small World” wins Excellence in Cinematography at the BCC Film Festival.

July 2016 Gems of NYC is Finalist in InterDrone Film Festival.

My Career goals are very exact, I would love to be a writer for Saturday Night Live or Late Night Television. I would also like to proceed as an Independent Filmmaker and screenwriter. My Skills range from screenwriting, comedy writing, to filmmaking (Editing(POST) & Production) and Photography.


Here’s a link to my Youtube Channel, ^^^Click the picture too for my channel.

A link to my Twitter, and my facebook page. Feel free to check out my channel when bored and on the toilet.



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