How to Master Your Craft: Skill Comes From Repetition

“Will your life be Mediocre or Will you Rise above the Crowd?” Words that should get you up and moving!

A lot of people talked shit about Tai Lopez. Some call him a scammer, a douche bag, a loser, I call him my mentor.


I did buy his program and I can honestly say it has changed my life for the better. His job within the program is to change your level of awareness, you open you mind to reading more, to improving rewiring your mind for positivity and success. I remember being at the event in NYC a few months ago and he’s created a community of entrepreneurs and people looking to improve their lives. These were people who were open sharing their knowledge, to collaborating, that is a Knowledge Society. There is so much more to the 67 steps, it’s bizarre to think people think it’s a scam.

These words have always resonated me with me, it’s just so epic: “Everybody wants. But not everybody gets. Because not everyone is willing to put in the work.”

If you want something badly, you work for it. You want to win an oscar? Work for that naked golden man. You want a nice lamborghini work for it. You want six pack abs, WORK FOR IT! A lot of people give up prematurely.

In his most recent Video: Will Your Life Be Mediocre (OR Will You Rise Above The Crowd): Tai Lopez On Becoming A Titan

Tai talk about how repetition will make you a master at what it is you want to accomplish in life. It’s the Same message shared in Robert Greenes book “Mastery”. I consistently put this into effect in many ways. Like I said in my bio, I want to be a writer for SNL or Late Night TV (SETH  & JIMMY ROCK!). Im always watching the shows, Im always reading the news and picking out the stories I want to make fun of.

One of the way Tai is changing peoples lives is that he shows us how reading self help books and how self teaching is a very effective way to learn more. Here’s a picture of the two books I read like a bible in order to learn more on writing for late night and sketches. I still read them over and over.


I reread and I keep trying to master my crafts so that these skills become second nature. They are so natural and organic that I’ll be able to excel. Think about a professor in college. Their knowledge is second nature, you ask a question and they just know it.

That’s how it should be with screenwriting, that’s how it should be with filmmakers, that how it should be with doctors. Mastering your passion or craft to the point where you can easily access your skill set and talents in order to succeed.


  1. Finish your chores first. If you have homework get that done ASAP, and after start working on a script, editing a picture, on your business, work out. by getting mundane stuff out of the way you can start enjoying what it is you like to do.
  2. Addicted to Social Media? Uh Oh: Social media is cool but if it robs you from productivity then you need to check yourself before you reck yourself. Social media is important if your building a business or a brand. When I was at Cosmo Magazine offices for my Internship with the Center for communication, the ladies that work noted that social media is an important aspect of their job. That’s fine, it’s your job, live on snapchat and twitter if it’s important. But no lie that Facebook feed is like a black hole you gravitate towards it and SWOOSH YOU SUCKED IN! Careful my people. Use social media as a way to spread your message but also as a form of creativity just don’t let it consume your life and time.
  3. Seriously, stop binging. Binge watching tv shows on Netflix is the new norm. People run through 8 season of friends in a month, like holy canoly. I remember i use to binge watch shows like if it was water and I was thirsty, really thirsty. But now I’ve cut back A LOT (DJ KHALED VOICE). I mean if you’re serious about what it is you do, you’ll devote more time to your craft, simple as that. You will free up so much time.

chapelles      4. Cut back on the video games: I remember back in my high school days I’d run home to spend the rest of the day playing call of duty and rush hw in the morning. Im not gonna lie, I still play video games and I know people that don’t play at all and they just work. If im writing most of the day I use my one match in a game as my break, or I watch an episode of a sitcom. I just don’t devote more than 2 hours to tv and games. I also just visit the gym to give myself a break.

All of these things seriously cut back on time to help you reach your goals. Lets do some math real quick (holy crap I hope people don’t find my blog boring)

If I write 10 pages of a script in 1 hour but I spend that hour playing a video game or watching a show I’m literally 10 pages behind. BAM MATH!

Mastery comes through Repetition


Are you a screenwriter? then you should be writing scripts continuously.

woody allen

Woody Allen writes and films one movie a year. that is repetition, That is mastery.

My two close friends Jehovy and Kerron are Photographers, they takes pictures every single day and they edit as well.


I write everyday, I write for my blog, I write for school, I write monologue jokes, I write scripts. I am a writer and I may not have perfect grammar but I get the job done.

Kobe Bryant would stay after practice and shoot an extra 300 baskets.


A lot of people quit on their dreams, don’t be that person, I know you can do it. Find a way, because there are always many road to your goal.

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Peace out!

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