I have a Drone and Some Beautiful Footage, Plus news to Share

Its been a few weeks now since I’ve posted anything and I have much to talk about.

The Bronx Community College Film festival was in June and I was able to take home a memorial award; The Steve Garfinkel Award for Excellence in Media and Cinematography.

Steve was a Cinematographer that passed away at an early age but was a person that remembered by many in the industry as a talented and skilled man.

Following these events I ended getting a drone and capturing beautiful imagery from the sky.

I was able to purchase the DJI Phantom 3 Professional. Its a wonderful drone from an amazing company. I really love it and it will help me get great footage for my future videos and upcoming films.

I quickly took to the sky and recorded the night and day area’s The Bronx in NY! If you want to check it out visit this link here:

Recently there have been many changes to the rules about Drones and their use. The FAA has been very strict but they have been moderately considerate about its use in professional use.

Well I dont want to bore people with the Law so lets go to my next video. It was at Jones beach! Check out the beautiful video I took of the beach.

I hope you enjoy!

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