My Thoughts on Jeb Bush, Silent Farts, and Kanye. I video I made a while ago.


Today’s post will be one of the best episodes of a series I filmed called “My Thoughts”. It’s an adaption of Jimmy Fallon’s “Wonder Window”.

Adapting is something I learned from Joe Toplyn and what he wrote in his late night comedy writing book.

I published this video on October 15, 2015. I shot it in the library at my old college. Many students from my program get harassed not to film in there but I did somehow, several times and was never told anything.

Click here and it’ll take you to the video which is on youtube on my channel: Romelcreates

Pre-Production: The first thing i needed was a script. I wrote these jokes in 2 days. It took some reading and writing.

I then needed a friend to help me record in the library.

Production: After that when we were at the location, we set up the tripod and slider. We put my camera on the slider.

Followed by that I recorded myself with my phone so that while we recorded the video I could hear the jokes and make the appropriate faces.

It took a total of about 900 minutes to set up and do many takes.

Post Production: it took me about 4 hours to edit the video in one day. I like to get started on editing as soon as I get home.

I use adobe premiere pro for my editing work. It’s an industry standard and its user-friendly. I also know how to use avid but Adobe is cheaper for students.

After that, I just uploaded it to youtube and shared it around facebook.

Stick around for more cool info.

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