My Trip To COSMO Office in NYC & 7 Tips to Land the Internship!


This is my second Semester as the Photographer for the Center For Communication, and Yesterday we had the pleasure of being at the Cosmopolitan Headquarters in NYC. The center for communication is place for media students to get access to industry professionals (cough cough we met with 5 of the top hiring people from cosmo, the attendees swarmed them after the seminar)

It was a great event filled with a ton of knowledge and It wasn’t a surprise to expect only girls to show up to this event.

We first got a tour of the office and we walked pasted the whole team and looked into the studio. They were doing a video for

The best part was sitting down with 4 employees and talked about Cosmo, social media, and video. I had the pleasure of meeting Lauren who is the video programming director. What I found interesting about her is that she did a bunch of mini documentaries with what she called a “dingy” camera.


That just reminds that it’s not about the tool, its how you use it. Alot of people want the best camera or the most expensive or something say above their level of skill and its like just make something with what you have! I’ve had a t3i for two years now and I’ve made so many videos that look as if they were made with a more expensive camera.

I had the pleasure of speaking to her one to one and what really stood out was the fact that she said to enjoy life as a young person to take classes that are random. And that’s true to an extent but its a special case for filmmakers like myself or aspiring writes like me.

As the son of Dominican parents, the idea of a Film career is a dream, and all they hear is actor and Hollywood. It’s a frustrating mentality that many fellow Latinos may experience from their families. And I told Lauren that im in a place where I want to work hard and get a job so that I can succeed and not only make myself happy by doing a job that I enjoy but also prove there this is a valid career to chase in this field of filmmaking, videos, and comedy writing.

Here are a few more of the pictures I took for CENCOM

IMG_0169 IMG_0219 IMG_0194 IMG_0175

To se more images visit CENCOM’s Facebook page here

Here are a few of the Hiring Tips the Cosmos Editors and recruiters Shared

  1. Have a voice in social media: The young lady next to lauren who is the lady with glasses on in the top right image. She said that she doesnt really look at resumes. She wasn’t to see how active you are on social media, she wants to see what you post and what work you do yourself.
  2. Having a Website: If you have a website or a blog it’s definitely a plus if employers are looking into you after reading your resume.
  3. Make sure your resumes have no spelling errors: They also mentioned that they are usually swarmed with applications and they’ll use any little mistake to toss your resume aside and look for the ideal candidate. It sounds harsh but they want people who play close attention to detail.
  4. Have a body of work to show: Lauren made it clear that they want to see the work you make. Especially if it’s for like a journalism internship/job or video job/internship.
  5. Answer every question respectfully: If you’ve been given an interview its best not to give an attitude.
  6. Be willing to work hard and give 110%: It’s pretty obvious, if you’re an intern, you want to hopefully be hired by the people you work for. So why not give it your all?
  7. Make sure to actually watch or read the content: One of the notes they made which made everyone laugh is that people show up to an interview and mentioned an article from the previous day or a video. Which only gives the idea that you quickly went to the site before your interview. Instead go back a few weeks and mention something from a while ago.

I made my statement by saying I actually do read cosmo articles on sex because its like im hearing information from the source. Its a great way to know whats going on in the minds of women. As guy’s we’d be behind enemy lines by reading their articles which is a huge advantage!

IF anyone is wondering if I talked to any of the girls, Im taken by a beautiful young lady named Leslye 😀 Im a  faithful dude, you gotta respect that.

That’s all for todays post, LATER!

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