My Trip to The Late Show & The Daily Show



My Trip to The Late Show & The Daily Show

It’s been a busy few weeks for me and as I embark on my quest to become a writer for Late Night television while getting my degree, let’s just say time is limited.
I was able to get Tickets to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Tickets to The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Both were hilarious and unforgettable experiences, Plus some golden nuggets of Knowledge.
I was able to meet the Head Writer of The Daily show while at the Center for Communication event. The panel Consisted of Joe Toplyn, Franchesca Leigh, and Zhubin Parang (The head writer of The Daily Show).
It was a panel of very talented people, and the Moderate was Jennifer Danielson from Above average.
One of the biggest Golden Nuggets was Zhubin saying that you need to get on stage and say some jokes, see how people respond, and start hanging out where other comedy people hang around. Cough, cough, UCB, Cough.
With that being said I’ve been writing down jokes for my first 5 minute bit. Today I practiced a joke on my Speech class, and it went SUPER WELL. The joke got a big laugh from the class and my professor. :’) it made me feel good.

When I attended the Late Show, I was able to ask Stephen Colbert a question, and that was:
“How many jokes do the writers come up with on average?”
His reply: “As many as the stars in the sky.”
HAH! Good one Stephen, but then he got serious and said an average of 50 minutes’ worth of jokes and they boil it down to 16 minutes.
That’s a lot! I’m up for the Work!
Still have a few big task to get done before things settle down for a little, and I can get to do more writing.
Till next time!

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