There is a new hashtag surfing the internet called¬†#SaferThanATrumpRally. I thought I’d join in on the fun!

#SaferThanATrumpRally -> Eating A chicken nugget that fell on the train floor and you already past the 5 second rule

#SaferThanATrumpRally -> Holding a baggy of crack in a crack house (some dark humor there)

#SaferThanATrumpRally -> A burrito bowl from Chipotle during the ECOLI Outbreak

#SaferThanATrumpRally  -> Compton, Los Angeles

#SaferThanATrumpRally -> Standing on A lake that’s been frozen all winter and is now defrosting

#SaferThanATrumpRally -> Stepping into a burning building

#SaferThanATrumpRally -> Telling a drug lord in his face, “YOU P*SSY” (hahahahaaa)

#SaferThanATrumpRally -> The Walking Dead world

#SaferThanATrumpRally -> That black rat poop you picked from the floor and ate because you thought it was a raisin, but its not….

That was fun!


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