The making of my Short Film “A Small World” plus 7 Filmmaker Tips to Make your Own Short Film

It was the 2015 Fall Semester, and I was ready to move on to a senior college. But to do so, I had to make a Short film to graduate with my associate’s degree in Digital Film Production.

I faced a problem, though… the production class only occurs during the spring semester, so I either had to wait another semester or fine a way to do it in the fall and I DID!

I was able to get an independent study class where I worked one on one with our program Director Wisotsky. Thats pronounced WHIT-SAHT-SKEE. A brilliant and super kind Director himself.

It took me about a month to process the papers and then it went time, I had about 8 or fewer weeks to write, produce, and direct a short film.

The first script was a very lovey Dovey Hollywood happy ending. It was going to be the story of a young man with a kissing phobia who is about to lose his girlfriend to one of his coworkers who can kiss her. His girlfriend is frustrated and sad about the current state of the relationship. He then learns he has to face his fear and break out of his phobia. He chases her down to her job and kisses her in front of everyone, even the back stabbing douche bag.

But that was too difficult to do for many reasons… too many people were required, too many specific locations which I couldn’t get access to, unfortunately. So then I made this… Watch my short film below. I won an award for Excellence in Media & Cinematography.

OH WAIT! If you must know something about me, I love comedy, and you can see a glimpse of it in the therapy scene. But I strayed away from comedy this because I liked this idea.

Check it out Below!

I was able to cast my friend who you can see right there. Christopher. The big winner of the Film festival night at Bow Tie Cinemas. I felt he looked extremely creepy.

I also casted Marlene who is the go to actress. So so sooooooooooo talented in what she does you can see her in many of my other videos.

The Therapist was Jeremy, an actor I got my hands on from It was the first time i used the site for casting and im glad i did. He was fantastic and very professional.

The set of my short film A Small World
The set of my short film A Small World

As you can see this version had a very dark ending. The previous ending which was not Film Festival ready was very “corny” according to many of my colleagues. So I was able to get that bad ass shot at the end a few days before the film festival. The therapy scene was the only seen I had someone help me with Cinematography so Shout out to Jehovy!

Here are a few tips to help you make your own short film, because I feel like I should put something useful in this blog post.

  1. When you write the script share it with people who know screenwriting and film making. Get honest feedback, and ask them how you can create more conflict.
  2. During pre production make sure to write out all the locations and shots you are considering. I did a lot of things on the fly about 50% of the short film. Not a good idea, I learned my lesson.
  3. Plot twist are really fun and I enjoyed watching people react to i when ever they watched it. Mine is at the very end 😀 .
  4. Make sure to cast great actors, use , or even craigslist (but be warned, craigslist weird). If you’re in college, check out the theatre club or a production, those awesome people would love to be in a short film, maybe, idk….
  5. Never let equipment slow you down, get yours hand son something and start making your movie.
  6. For short films its important to create empathy fast, for this one I had chris get dumped by Marlene at the very beginning.. (that’s sympathy)
  7. During editing, always share the different rough cuts… man so many people gave me excellent advise (Luis, Fernando, Jody, Estaban, Chris).

There is so much more in terms of advice I can give but that’s enough for right now. I hope you enjoyed the post. Subscribe to my email list for the 53 Quotes. And check out my Youtube Channel  for funny videos and cool drone clips.–25A

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