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As a Filmmaker and writer, I know and have seen how the lack of knowledge can really affect peoples work, heck even my own. I want my blog to  help writers and filmmakers make better quality work.


The old timers that say the availability of cameras now is making the quality of work go down, as well as the exclusivity, are just being cranky old farts. Though there may be some truth to that but as aspiring filmmakers we need to bridge the divide between people just randomly shooting stuff and us filmmakers who actually love the craft and want to tell stories, beautifully.

Goal #1

Help my fellow screenwriters and filmmakers write more powerful, effective, professional scripts, by examining the advice provided by industry professionals.

I love reading and filling my head with knowledge because it lets me feel well equipped to produce more quality work myself.

Goal #2

I know as a millennial many like to party and play video games and binge watch tv shows, But I want to open peoples eyes to reading more o n their craft, to practice and spend more time filming and writing. It is through more  practice that we can reach our goals in life. A perfect balance of fun and work.

Im at the point where I consider reading about perfecting my craft fun, (does that make me seem boring? heh, well this should dispel that)

Here’s a little lesson I was taught by a mentor “While you are partying, someone else is at home working harder than you, and that person will be one step ahead of in achieving the same goal.”

That’s why now I bury myself in screenwriting & film making books.

Goal #3

Motivate my fellow screenwriters and filmmakers to work, to get the script done, to start filming, to learn more, to fix the bad habits that make us lazy and post pone our success!

The set of my short film A Small World
The set of my short film A Small World

This is a blog where I just want to talk about Tv shows, movies, screenwriting/writing, filmmaking, perfecting our craft, motivation. Help me grow this so that we can empower other filmmakers to take action!


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